22.09.2023 Featured After FIJ’s Undercover Investigation, Palmcredit Puts an End to Defamatory Messages to Customers

Published 22nd Sep, 2023

By Opeyemi Lawal

Following FIJ’s undercover investigation on how Palmcredit sends defamatory messages to customers in a bid to recover loans, FIJ can confirm that the loan company has modified the contents of the notices sent to its debtors.

FIJ gathered from a private Facebook group called ‘Say No To Soko Loan, L Credit etc.’ that the online money lender has desisted from its brutal approach of compelling customers to repay their loans.

Dorcas, one of the fintech company’s customers, shared the screenshot of a conversation she had with the loan agency with the group on Monday and FIJ noted that the money lending firm’s manner of interacting with debtors had changed.

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“Palmcredit Customers. Esteemed Client. Good morning, this is to remind you that today adds another day to you owing us. We understand that things are not easy at the moment, but please just try to remit at least 40 percent of what you are owing on or before 2pm, cause it is better than not doing anything at all. Remember, we helped you when you needed us so please do the right thing. God bless you,” the message reads.

Whatsapp message sent by loan company

In the past, Palmcredit’s loan agents had been discourteous in their conversations with customers.

The agents sent many defamatory messages to customers and their phone contacts via WhatsApp and text messages.

During the undercover task at Palmcredit the two ladies this reporter was attached to explained that sending defamatory messages to customers was the norm and that it must be done discreetly.

“We do it in a way that the Quality Control team does not get to find out about it. This is because without the defamatory messages customers will not pay and if you don’t recover money they will send you away,” one of the ladies explained.

“Get multiple sim cards besides your main phone number so that you can use them to send these messages to customers when the need arise.

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“See, once you get inside, you will know how the job works. Even the Quality Control team know we do this; they are only looking for who to catch red-handed.”

Since FIJ published the story on August 20, Palmcredit has made a few reforms to its operating policies , the latest being the nature of messages sent to customers.

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Published 22nd Sep, 2023

By Opeyemi Lawal


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