08.10.2021 news ‘We’ve Been Fighting a War’ — Man Narrates Experience With ‘Fulani’ Herdsmen in Plateau

Published 8th Oct, 2021

By Abdullah Tijani

Jerry Doubles, a resident of Berom, Plateau State, has deplored the unending attacks on his community by Fulani intruders.

In a Twitter post on Thursday, Doubles revealed that many times the Fulanis had invaded agricultural lands in his region and destroyed crops.

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“One recurring thing is waking up in the morning,” he said, “going to the farm and finding out that the Fulanis have trooped in [during] the night, harvested the strawberries and cut off the plant stalk. So much is invested in farmlands. In one swoop, the several millions are gone and we start again.

He also stated that while these incidents are reported to the police, nothing is being done.

“One time, the locals seized cows and took them to the police,” Double recalled. “A Miyetti official bailed the cows and took them away unbeknownst to the locals.

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“The Beroms (residents) retaliated with the killing of a cow or two and maimed one of them. The Fulanis returned to kill others (residents) in revenge. The police know all of this, but they care less.”

Since there seemed to be no help from the police, according to Doubles, the community members decided to protect themselves, but the police would not let them as they seized their weapons. Not long afterwards, the assailants returned and attacked the community.

“A few months ago, so many people were massacred in broad daylight in Kuru [when] Fulanis came on motorbikes and opened fire on people. Scores died. This is also in retaliation for what happened in the past. We’ve cried to the government countless times but nothing happened.

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“We live in fear for our lives. We place sentries and exchange batons every night to watch. But funnily, we do this with woods under our fists, whereas the intruders come with sophisticated weapons. We are now living teeth for tat: you do me, I do you. We can’t build anything; it will be destroyed.

“We’ve been fighting a war secretly, guys. We have. I’m exhausted, to mention the least. I’m sober and angry. This is torment, and I wonder what we’ve done to receive all this.”

Plateau State has experienced several bouts of violent attacks by suspected Fulani herders in recent times. On Tuesday, FIJ reported that three residents of Hukke village in the Miango District of the state were killed on Sunday night after a group of Fulani herders sent a warning letter to the Nigerian Army.

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Published 8th Oct, 2021

By Abdullah Tijani


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