29.02.2024 Featured 36-Year-Old Nigerian Runs for Dear Life Over Domestic Abuse by American Wife

Published 29th Feb, 2024

By Sodeeq Atanda

Michael Ilesanmi, a Nigerian declared missing by his American wife a few days ago, has been found to have deliberately left home for dear life.

Video clips have shown how Michael, a reality TV show star, was serially abused and humiliated by his wife.

Ilesanmi is 36, while Angela Deem, his wife, is 58. They met in 2018 on season two of 90 Day Fiancé hosted by TLC Shows. They later formalised their union and visited Nigeria.

Ilesanmi was in Nigeria recently when Deem flew into the country without his husband’s notice. Deem reportedly accused her husband of using social media to speak to women, and she pounced on his car violently.

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The estranged husband expressed his frustrations in tears. His wife called him “a crying baby” and many unprintable names. It is believed that Deem’s uncultured attitude dates back to 2019, per a report by the Daily Mail.

An example of how Ilesanmi has been suffering dehumanising violence at the hands of his wife was filmed in a YouTube video uploaded by John Yates, a blogger.

John said, “I will just rip it off like a band aid. Michael is safe; there’s the good news. He reached out to the police moments after (the first) live. Right after (the first) live ended, Angela got a phone call from the police here stating that they were contacted by Michael. They verified it was him. 

“He did have a burner phone or like another phone, a phone that nobody knew about, and on that phone he had pictures of his passport, the one that he left. So they verified his ID; it’s him.

“He told the police that he was in fear of his life here and he did not want Angela knowing his location.”

In 2019, the Nigerian man presented a cake to his wife to make peace at home. But Deem did not receive it that way. She publicly smacked her husband’s face with the creamy cake.

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Fans of TLC Shows have berated the woman for consistently assaulting the love of her life. Deem had hinted that divorce was an option for her.

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Published 29th Feb, 2024

By Sodeeq Atanda


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