29.11.2021 Justice After FIJ’s Story, Ope Omodanisi’s Industrial Farmboy Ltd Refunds Investor’s N1.3m

Published 29th Nov, 2021

By Abdullah Tijani

Industrial Farmboy Limited, a supposed investment company belonging to Ope Omodanisi, has refunded the sum of N1.3 million, the capital sum paid to the company by Adetayo Adegbola for an investment.

Adetayo Adegbola had invested N1,550,000 between January 20, 2021, and June 23, 2021, expecting a return on investment (ROI) of N540,000. Unfortunately, in September, only N250,000 was paid.

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After FIJ published the story in September, Festus Ogun, a Lagos-based human rights lawyer who read the story, acted as Adegbola’s solicitor and demanded from the company the refund of all outstanding payments.

“To be clear, you are both civilly and criminally liable for your failure, neglect and or refusal to pay up our client’s initial capital and interests,” Ogun said in the letter he wrote to Ope Omodanisi. “You have not only grossly breached the terms of contract willfully and duly signed by you and our client, you have equally adapted means to criminally and fraudulently deprive our client of his hard-earned money. Obtaining by false pretence is a serious crime under the Nigerian law which puts you at the risk of 20 years imprisonment.”

In response, Omodanisi agreed to refund the sum of N1.3 million, the outstanding capital fund owed Adegbola.

In an interview with FIJ, Adegbola confirmed the receipt of N900,000 and N400,000 on 22 November and 23 November respectively.

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Though the agreed return on investment was not paid, Ogun said the refund of the initial capital investment is a win-win for both parties.

“I’m quite pleased that we were able to recover the initial capital for our client,” he said. “I just feel Nigerians should be more cautious before they venture into any investment scheme whatsoever.”

Published 29th Nov, 2021

By Abdullah Tijani


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