01.07.2022 Featured For Dragging Door With Them, Suspected Kidnappers Push Woman Off Moving Bus in Lagos

Published 1st Jul, 2022

By Opeyemi Lawal

A man who simply identified as Groovereben has narrated how his fashion designer wife was shoved out of a moving bus by suspected kidnappers in Lagos.

Groovereben told FIJ that his wife was going home from her workplace on the island when she observed that the occupants of the mini-bus she boarded were acting weird.

“My wife closed from work around 7 pm and boarded a mini-bus going to Obalende. She got in and immediately noticed something was wrong,” he said.

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“She was the only one that entered as she took the last seat close to the door. The bus was full with men and a lady was seated in front, but she noticed they were not real passengers.”

He said the problem started when one of the guys behind her insisted on closing the door.

“They closed the door and she requested that they open it. She told them she was hot and needed the air, and that besides, she was occupying the last seat, so the door shouldn’t inconvenience anybody.

“She opened the door again but the guy behind her shut it. She asked the driver to drop her but he rather increased the speed. She and the guy behind her began to drag the door and the next thing, she realised she was on the floor while the bus was still in motion. They pushed her off the bus around the civic center.

“She fell but stood up herself. She ran off the road before people around came to the rescue. People began to gather when someone raised the alarm that a woman had fallen off a bus.

Groovereben's wife
Groovereben’s wife

“When the driver and the other passengers who were still stuck in traffic saw what was happening, they immediately came up with a lie and said she fell off the bus because she was drunk.

“According to her, they were shouting, ‘Why you go drink this evening? You don drink alcohol.’ They told this lie because they wanted to escape.”

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He said people didn’t pay attention to the comments of the bus occupants because of his wife’s condition.

“People paid no attention to what they were saying because she was bleeding seriously by then. They just wanted to get her to the hospital,” said Groovereben.

“The people who gathered to help her also insisted that the same mini-bus took her to the hospital. My wife said she was hesitant but they managed to convince her.

“They took her to Onikan Health Center. When they got there, they dropped her and drove off. It was security men and another man who saw her that helped her in.”

Published 1st Jul, 2022

By Opeyemi Lawal


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