26.10.2021 news For Having Crypto Wallet, Lagos Police Extort N50,000 From Man at Gunpoint

Published 26th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti

Bankole Oluwatobi, an IT facilitator, has recounted how police officers attached to Ogudu Police Station in the Ojota area of Lagos State extorted N50,000 from him after threatening to kill him if he failed to give in to their demand.

On September 19, six police officers stopped Bankole’s car in Ojota and ordered him to present his car papers to them.

“When they were done, they searched my car for another three hours, saying I must have hidden something incriminating in it. When they were tired, they asked that I follow them to the police station,” he said.

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“At the station, they ordered me to unlock my phones, which I did after many of them had cocked their guns. Then they checked my phone and saw N70,000 in my account and a cryptocurrency wallet. At that point, they asked me to transfer all my money to them.”

At first, Bankole refused to send a dime to the officers, but when one of them said he would force him to take a mug shot, he began to plead with the officers to collect N50,000.

“When they agreed to collect N50,000 from me, one of them took me to a nearby POS vendor where I transferred N50,000 to them. I suspect the POS belongs to one of them,” he said.

FIJ made calls to Celestina Kalu, the Divisional Police Officer of Ogudu Police Station, but she said she was in a training and asked this reporter to reach out to CSP Ajisebutu Adekunle, the spokesperson for Lagos police.

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CSP Ajisebutu Adekunle said although he was not aware that police officers operate illegally in Ojota, the force would investigate the matter.

Published 26th Oct, 2021

By Emmanuel Uti


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