13.08.2021 news ‘He Said Do You Know Who I Am?’ — Indonesia Speaks on Nigerian Assaulted in Viral Video

Published 13th Aug, 2021

By Ibrahim Adeyemi

Usra Harahap, Indonesia’s Ambassador to Nigeria, has said the country’s immigration officers did not assault Ibrahim ‘Buba’ Abdulrahman, a Nigeria diplomat, as alleged.

Nigeria had threatened to review its relationship with Indonesia after a viral of video Buba’s maltreatment surfaced online earlier, prompting outrage of Nigerians.

In the video, Buba could be heard grunting and screaming: “I can’t breathe. My neck! My neck! My neck! My neck!”. His groans were a reaction to being pinned down in the vehicle by a number of Indonesian immigration officials.

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During a meeting with Geoffrey Onyeama, Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Harahap said Abdulrahman was aggressive during his encounter with the Indonesian immigration officers.

He said the immigration officers were surveilling foreigners when they asked the Nigerian diplomat for identification but he refused to identify himself.

Harahap said after being asked several times, Buba was unwilling to show his passport.

“Just arrest me and you will regret to know who really I am,” he was quoted as telling the officials. “You will know who really I am and be careful on that.”

Harahap noted that “the officers treated him as an ordinary foreigner without any intimidation and didn’t handcuff him, and didn’t hold anything in his body such as cellphones and other stuff in his clothes”.

On the way to the office, the Ambassador said Buba elbowed Laode Hauzan Baidi, the immigration officer who was sitting next to him, until Laode’s lip was bleeding.

Other officers tried to restrain him from attacking another officer during the trip but Abdulrahman kept on resisting and shouting until he was held and calmed down.

“Officers detained him when they arrived at the South Jakarta Immigration Office because he continued to attack the officers,” Harahap said

“I believe that you have received a report and information as well from the Nigerian Ambassador in Jakarta, and it might be different from my report to your Excellency.”

Published 13th Aug, 2021

By Ibrahim Adeyemi


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