09.10.2022 Featured INSIDER: How 101 Boko Haram Members Were Freed From Kirikiri — And Their Full Names

Published 9th Oct, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu

An insider in the Kirikiri Medium Security Prison, Lagos State, has narrated to FIJ how 101 suspected Boko Haram terrorists were released from the facility on Saturday morning.

Speaking to FIJ on Sunday, the source said wardens at the facility let them out of the medium and maximum security facilities as part of a swap deal with the terrorists for the release of travellers who were abducted in Kaduna on March 28.

They told FIJ that the freed terror suspects had been awaiting trial since 2009, and had spoken about their release happening before a new administration took over.

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The source said, “They secretly released 101 Boko Haram suspects at about 6 am. The negotiations had been ongoing for some months.

“We used to pray together. During prayers, they spoke Hausa, and they told me they would be going home by October.

“Early yesterday (Saturday) morning, they opened the cell door and called them out. They had returned their properties already.

“I used to speak with one Adamu in G3 cell. He is no longer here. He is tall and slim, and has a long face.

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“They told me that their release was based on negotiations and the pressure their sponsors gave Buhari. They felt if they didn’t get released before a new president, who might not be their tribesman, took the seat, they might not be granted amnesty.

“The controller of corrections, Ben-Rabbi Freeman, had been there multiple times to meet with them.”

The source said the freed inmates knew of the Kuje jailbreak before it occurred, and had shared the details without mentioning specific dates.

This source also said the freed inmates did not usually associate themselves with other inmates unless they were Hausa speakers, and had been prepped on how to stay off the radar after their release.

“When they spoke about their release, I asked how I would reach them, and they said they had been warned not to open bank accounts and use mobile lines, as it would be easier to track them,” the source added.

The inmates released, according to this source, are:

  1. Muhammad Ridwan
  2. Malam Aji
  3. Muhammad Bukar
  4. Kachala Umara
  5. Tijjani Ibrahim
  6. Abba Hassan
  7. Muhammad Tahir
  8. Abdurrahman Muhammad
  9. Musa Fushimngamdu
  10. Isyaku Haladu
  11. Muhammad Musa
  12. Abubakar Aminami
  13. Muhammad Tahir Mahmud Tchad
  14. Muhammad Muhammad
  15. Abdullahi Adamu
  16. Idriss Abubakar
  17. Adamualkasim
  18. Abdullahi Abubakar
  19. Baffa Ajibukar
  20. Modukime Sale
  21. Alhaji Modugrema
  22. Ahmad Abuzar
  23. Baba Ganawali
  24. Yunusa Ibrahim Sabo
  25. Adam Konto
  26. Muhammad Muktar
  27. Abba Hassan
  28. Muhammad Abba Mamman
  29. Abu Umaru
  30. Ali Usman
  31. Abdullahi Abubakar Mubi
  32. Sale Adamu
  33. Abdulwaheed Ibrahim
  34. Alhaji Abubakar Abubakar
  35. Muhammad Abubakar
  36. Idris Hashim
  37. Abu Barra Abubakar
  38. Baba Ganamodu
  39. Muhammad Ali
  40. Abdullah Abubakar
  41. Muhammad Hilanta
  42. Muhammad Muktar
  43. Abdulwahid Abdulssalam
  44. Adamu Abdullahi
  45. Aliyu Abdullahi
  46. Alkaseem Abdulahi
  47. Husaini Aliyu
  48. Abdullahi Isah
  49. Husaini Yusuf
  50. Yusuf Muhammad Hamisu
  51. Muhammad Yakubu
  52. Salisu Bilyaminu
  53. Bulama Muhammad
  54. Haruna Umaru
  55. Abdullahi Abubakar
  56. Haruna Shitu
  57. Abdusallam Muhammad
  58. Kabiru Ladan
  59. Mansur Muhammad
  60. Abdullah Aliyu
  61. Abdulmummeen Ibrahim
  62. Muhammad Lawan
  63. Haruna Adamu
  64. Kabiru Ibrahim
  65. Umar Abubakar
  66. Nasuru Garba
  67. Hamza Yakubu
  68. Musa Ali
  69. Muhammad Auwal
  70. Nura Abdullah
  71. Sa’adu Abdurrauf
  72. Sulaiman Jibirin
  73. Yakubu Bello
  74. Adamu Saidu
  75. Muhammad Jidda
  76. Abubakar Na Tuka
  77. Abba Hassan
  78. Maji Umaru
  79. Umaru Adamu Subari
  80. Ibrahim Abba
  81. Muhammad Nur Hassan
  82. Baba Gana Musa
  83. Muhammad Yusuf
  84. Sadiq Buba
  85. Adamu Musa
  86. Mustafa Yahya
  87. Muhammad Muktar
  88. Umara Tijjani
  89. Umar Brema
  90. Suleiman Adamu
  91. Muhammad Muazu
  92. Kabiru Aminu
  93. Siraja Abdullah
  94. Husaini Abdullah
  95. Hamisu Abdullah
  96. Aliyu Abubakar
  97. Isa Ahmad
  98. Alhaji Kambar
  99. Auwal Mati
  100. Bashiru Hamisu
  101. Ahmad Yusuf.

FIJ sent an email to the Ministry of Interior, but as of press time, there was no response.

Published 9th Oct, 2022

By Daniel Ojukwu


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