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30.06.2022 Featured 3 Months After Cancelling Flight, Green Africa Airways Yet to Refund Hairstylist

Published 30th Jun, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti

Ogechi Ejiogu, an Owerri-based hairstylist, has accused Green Africa Airways of failing to honour her request for a N33,500 refund three months after cancelling her flight.

She told FIJ that Green Africa Airways scheduled her flight from Owerri to Abuja and back for April 26 but cancelled the flight before the date.

The hairstylist said the airline company first postponed the date of departure before cancelling the flight.

Ejiogu stated that she had to book another flight ticket to Abuja because she had some important things to do in the city.

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“I used the Green Africa Airways return ticket on my way back from Abuja. When I got to the airport the day I returned to Owerri, I complained about the cancelled flight, but they asked me to call their customer care service,” she said.

“They gave me a number to call, which I did. But at the time, I didn’t want a refund. I wanted to leave the ticket open so that I could use it next time.”

A message from Green Africa Airways to Ejiogu
A message from Green Africa Airways to Ejiogu

Ejiogu stated that the representatives of the airline company she met at the airport told her it was impossible to leave the ticket open.

“Their representative then advised me to request a refund. They said I should email them with my booking reference, which I did,” she said.

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“The rep said I would get a refund after 20 working days. But after 21 working days, I got no refund.”

She said she chatted with the company on Instagram, but they sent her the same email address she used earlier to lodge her complaints.

“Since then, I have got no reply,” said Ejiogu.

“Two days ago, I chatted with them that I had got nothing, but they said they would log my complaints in, since April 26.”

When FIJ called Green Africa Airways, a call representative identified as Bukola said they would resolve the issue shortly.

Published 30th Jun, 2022

By Emmanuel Uti


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