24.11.2022 Featured Delivery Agent Christopher Peter Defrauds Client of N40,000, Causes Her to Lose Client

Published 24th Nov, 2022

By Tarinipre Francis

On August 10, Favour Kennedy, a fashion designer, paid N35,000 to Christopher Peter, a delivery agent, after he agreed to provide a tracking number for her shipment. She said the payment was for the doorstep delivery of a 3.4-kg consignment with two pieces of clothing worth N250,000 to her client in Finland.

Receipt of payment to Christopher Peter from Favour Kennedy

Kennedy said this was a first-time client and that the client needed the clothes for an event in three days, and Peter assured her that the package would arrive within the time frame.

Speaking with FIJ, she said she called her client two days after she gave Peter the consignment to ask if they had received a call for the pickup of their clothes, and they had not.

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She stated that she called Peter afterwards, and he confirmed that the package was on its way to its destination and that her client would be contacted shortly. But the day ended and her client had not yet received their clothes, which they planned to use the following day. She also added that she waited all day for the tracking number and kept calling Peter to remind him, and he assured her that he would send it. He never did.

Kennedy stated that the consignments’ arrival date came, and there was no word about its location. All attempts to contact Peter were futile, and when he eventually answered her calls, he always said he’d call her back. She said he never did until a week later, when he called to tell her that the shipment was in London and she had to pay N55, 000 to get it to Finland.

She said they never discussed this arrangement previously and that it was not part of their agreement. She added that Peter sent her the phone number of an agent he claimed was in charge of the shipment in London, but she told him off, saying she had no business with anybody but him since the latter arrangement was never addressed from the outset.

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She said that after weeks of pleading with Peter to deliver the item to her client, she visited him twice with police officers, but some of his coworkers persuaded her to be patient and assured her that the consignment would be dispatched immediately.

She was subsequently informed that an additional N10,000 was required to send the item, but she said she only sent N5,000.

She said that even after paying an additional N5,000, Peter did not provide a tracking number to verify the shipment’s location, and that he not only failed to uphold his obligation to her but also tarnished her brand’s reputation.

She stated that since Peter failed to deliver the package to her client as promised, she has missed the opportunity to secure additional jobs and recommendations from them, and that her client is now requesting a refund of the N250,000 that was paid for the clothes.

Kennedy said that despite reporting the incident to the police station closest to Peter’s workplace at Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO), no progress had been made.

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When FIJ phoned Peter, he first said that he shipped the package to Finland, but the code Kennedy provided was incorrect, so when they called her client, they received no response; and that he informed Kennedy about it before later stating that he had shipped the package to London to be posted to Finland, an agreement that he and Kennedy came to after she said she could not afford his initial N55,000 delivery charge.

He said that when the package arrived in London, she inquired about how much she would have to pay for the postage, but he did not know since he was not in London. He said he provided her with the number of an agent in London, whom he claimed she called, and that the agent demanded N35,000 from Kennedy, but she refused and had Air Force officials meet him at the airport. He also added that they agreed that she would pay N25,000 and he would pay N10,000 for the shipment, but she only sent N5,000.

He also claimed he informed the air force personnel she brought with her of the situation, and when they attempted to contact her she did not answer.

Published 24th Nov, 2022

By Tarinipre Francis


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